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Enes Aktaş
Enes Aktaş


Sr. UX Designer at Hepsiburada.com mr.enesaktas@gmail.com

  1. Improving the recruitment process — Talent Envoy UX case study invite schedule time selections upload resume screens illustrations notification permission call screens medium iphone 11 job finder find job mobile app study ux case ux recruitment
  2. Specter Market Interactions web design ui design ux technology seller sell protopie principle parallax motion design marketplace interaction design header desktop data bank dark mode dark interfaces buyers buy 3d
  3. Specter Market data bank ux web design ui design technology header 3d protopie principle marketplace dark interfaces dark mode parallax motion design interaction design desktop buyers seller buy sell
  4. Home Page [Turkey Authoring Works Authority] parchment documentary art poem write web design ux ui society ottoman old store old book history culture book association
  5. Flymedi Homepage [Compare clinics and book online] platform flow wireframe web design web ux design ux ui design ui patient medicine medical hospital homepage home health doctor compare clinics book
  6. Route [Weather-Map] Mobile App trip app iphone xs app iphone x mobile app forecast weather ux destination rain trip route ux design map app weather app
  7. Hospital Mobile App ux test results radiology mobile dashboard mobile app for hospitals medicine app medicine medical record hospital test results hospitality hospital home healthcare health app health dashboard for hospitals dashboard concept assistance appointment
  8. 🏆Vodafone Designathon 🥉3rd Winner E-Shop Mobile App map search illustration compare cart buy mobile device store interaction design ux design mobile shop story winner mobile phone purchase e commerce e-shop vodafone mobile app hackathon designathon
  9. 🏆Vodafone Designathon 🥉3rd Winner E-Shop Mobile App designathon hackathon mobile app vodafone e-shop e commerce purchase phone mobile winner story mobile shop ux design interaction design store buy mobile device
  10. TE - Candidate App - Home, Profile, Calls, Opportunity Page recruitment candidate recruiter mobile call mobile app design call page calls mobile profile page mobile home page home page mobile app home ux design ui design ux ui
  11. TE - Candidate App - Available Times [Bottom Sheet] ios app time picker illustration card design mobile app ux design ui design ux ui bottom sheet available times
  12. TE - Candidate App - Upload Resume & Notification Permission mobile upload ios notification design mobile app ux design ui design ux ui permission notification resume upload upload resume notification permission
  13. TalentEnvoy - Candidate App Onboard - Info & Criteria Screens form elements mobile form form mobile app illustration user experience design mobile app experience welcome criteria illustration mobile app design home ux design ui design ux ui
  14. TalentEnvoy - Candidate App Welcome & Sign Up Screens iphone x mobile app sign up page mobile app welcome page login page mobile app design ux design ui design ux ui
  15. Talent Envoy Landing Page v1 mobile app landing page product landing page design home web design web ux design ux ui design ui
  16. TalentEnvoy - Candidate App Flowchart ux design workflow ux user user experience sitemap research process planning architecture information chart flow flowchart diagram
  17. Recruiter Dashboard Web Sign Up walkthrough onboarding register signup login illustration web design ux design web ui design ux ui
  18. Kuzeyşehir Construction Landing Page fabric construction building house homes architechture landing page concept home web design ux design web ui design ux ui
  19. Tasarım Mutfağı Landing Page one page design one page communication slack landing page home concept web design ux design web ui design ux ui
  20. Turna Flight Search Homepage Concept turkey flight search web design concept home travel flight search card ux design web ui design ux ui
  21. Technews Homepage news technology design home concept card web design ux design web ui design ux ui
  22. Talent Envoy Mobile App [Calls Screen] schedule call schedule incoming call call interaction card ux design ui design ux ui
  23. Şükela Reader App content text ask card concept ux design ui design ux ui
  24. Yek Book Store [E-Commerce Homepage] minimal home book store e-commerce shop e-commerce store book web design ux design web ui design ux ui
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